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Doreen Fox is 78, Still Stood On Line for Call of Duty: Ghosts

For A More Civilized Age

If you’re a Call of Duty: Ghosts player and you’ve found your self with a teammate who occasionally shoots a tree in the two weeks since it came out, don’t stress. You might have been playing with Doreen Fox, a seventy-eight year old English grandmother who says playing violent games keeps her sharp, and doesn’t seem to care that her neighbors might be confused by the sounds of gunfire and explosions that come from her one-bedroom apartment. And who stood on line to grab Call of Duty: Ghosts at its midnight release this month.

Fox started playing in the 80s with games like Super Mario Brothers on her grandson’s Nintendo, so when she says she’s “not as quick as she used to be” she doesn’t just mean at getting up from chairs. Mrs. Fox is retired from cleaning and widowed, enjoys knitting and gardening, and also Grand Theft Auto.

She told the Daily Mail:

I just love the violence of it – it keeps me focused, I don’t like to sit still. I suffered two strokes in 2008 and things like this keeps me on my toes… I don’t understand the controversy behind all these games – they are not half fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’d never go around battering people with my handbag – I’m not a criminal. But you really lose yourself in them.

She still plays with her grandson, now in his thirties, regularly. She can’t often beat him but finds it fun anyway, which makes her a better sport that many on XBox Live, I would imagine. Remember that the next time someone says you game like a grandma.

(The Daily Mail via Real Girls Gaming.)

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