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Doorknob Starry Night

With all the different, extremely impressive renditions of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night we’ve seen, it starts to make you wonder if Starry Night is actually that impressive, since everyone on the Internet seems to be able to recreate it. However talented everyone on the Internet seems to be, it’s still a pretty piece upon which to gaze, and this rendition of Starry Night created entirely out of doorknobs sure is a creative medium with which to recreate Van Gogh’s work.

Created by David Goldberg, the Doorknob art adorns the wall of Union Hardware, in Bethesda, Maryland. The mural is composed of over 1,250 doorknobs, back plates, and levers, and is slapped onto PVC boards that was stained with PVC primer. Redditor MattMarks noted that the hardware store was under renovation, then the doorknob Starry Night popped up in two days.

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Not bad for recreating a famous piece of art with a medium usually reserved for opening doors.

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