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Things We Saw Today: This Doomsday Clock Fan Trailer is Shockingly Good

Plus Star Trek real estate, Benedict Cumberbatch and more!

Is it weird that, while I didn’t enjoy Watchmen or The Justice League, I kind of want to see this non-existent movie mash-up? The fan trailer for Doomsday Clock, made by YouTube creator Alex Luthor, effortlessly blends both films to make a coherent and compelling trailer. The trailer is based on DC’s 2017 limited series Doomsday Clock, written by Geoff Johns, with art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.

Part of what makes the trailer so seamless is that both movies were directed by Zack Snyder, and his style is clearly evident throughout. I especially enjoyed the nod to “multiverses” which featured glimpses of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Christopher Reeve’s Superman. We also get to see Ezra Miller’s Flash come face to face with the CW’s Grant Gustin for Flash Squared. Now that’s a crossover I’d pay good money to see.

(via io9, image: Warner Bros.)

  • Got $5.6 million dollars to spare? Then you can buy this Malibu mansion featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation. (via Deadline)
  • Get a closer look at the creatures of The Trench in this new Aquaman clip. (via CBR)
  • Black Panther is picking up trophies at the Hollywood Film Awards, and will likely win more as awards season progresses. (via SyfyWire)
  • Where is Doctor Strange post-Snapture? Benedict Cumberbatch has some fun/gross ideas on the matter. (via io9)

Enjoy your crisp fall Sunday, Mary Suevians!

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