Cryptozoic Entertainment to Produce The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, Will Give Free Copies to Backers

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If you contributed a boatload of money to the Kickstarter campaign for The Doom That Came To Atlantic City!, The Forking Path’s proposed Monopoly/Lovecraft mashup board game, then there’s good news: You might be getting your copy of the game after all, says designer Keith Baker. Hooray! Tentacled horrors for everybody!

Though Erik Chevaliaer of The Forking Path was forced to cancel the Kickstarter campaign last week for a number of different reasons, Baker and fellow game designer Lee Moyer have been adamant that those who contributed money will be able to play the game, whether as a Print and Play or in some other form. Now they’ve announced that in addition to that promised Print and Play, a real physical board game will soon be published and sold in hobby stores across the country by Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Cryptozoic Entertainment specializes in board games and trading card sets, many of which tie into already existing properties such as CastleThe Big Bang Theory, DC Comics, The Walking Dead,  and Penny Arcade. Upon hearing the news of Doom‘s unfortunate demise, chief operating officer Scott Gaeta  got in touch with Baker and Moyer to produce the game and give out free copies to those who were promised any in the original Kickstarter campaign agreement.

But remember, Doom backers: This doesn’t mean you’ll get all the swag you were promised, as Baker noted on his blog (the bolding is all his):

To be absolutely clear: This has nothing to do with The Forking Path or Kickstarter. The project was cancelled, and this is not a reward or refund from the Forking Path.Cryptozoic isn’t assuming responsibility for the Kickstarter project or the actions of The Forking Path: They are simply doing what they can to make things right for the gamers who have suffered because of it. As I said, they can’t cover all rewards The Forking Path promised, because they are doing this entirely at their own expense to lend a hand. But Cryptozoic will see to it that the backers get the game they thought they were backing, and that is a tremendous relief to me.

Backers who can’t wait for the published form to play this long awaited game should also be receiving a download link to the Print and Play version sometime in the next few hours.

(via Keith Baker)

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