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Donald Trump’s Reported Secret COVID-19 Vaccination Sure Puts Things Into Perspective

Rachel Maddow said it best.

Donald Trump hugs a US flag and yells

Donald Trump’s reported secret COVID-19 vaccination is proof that he only cares for himself. He always has.

Any other president would’ve publicized their vaccination. Even then-Vice President Mike Pence got his in public fashion. It’s a way to show the American people that vaccination was and is a safe method to battle COVID-19. Instead, Former President Donald Trump decided to get vaccinated, along with his wife Melania, behind closed doors and right before they were to leave the White House. If that doesn’t give you perspective on the kind of man he is, then I don’t know what will.

During his time in office, Trump spent most of his time downplaying COVID-19. He acted like it was a problem that was happening somewhere else and not in the United States, despite the staggering numbers of those infected and dying, and the fact that hospitals were being overwhelmed left and right. Instead, he held rallies, acted like nothing was wrong, and continued to live a lifestyle that ignored the need for masks, vaccinations, and science-based solutions (except, of course, the special treatments available to him when he got sick).

Trump even messed up the vaccine rollout as a final “f you” to Americans. Back in December 2020, the Trump Administration absolutely throttled communications when it came to vaccine deliveries. States report delays and cutbacks, and Pfizer claims the Trump Administration went as far as not telling them where to ship the vaccine. It was clearly Trump’s way of taking a stand and confusing people at the same time on the validity of a COVID-19 vaccine.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow also made a valid point when she wondered why keep his vaccination secret from the American public? “I mean, sometimes that administration and that president did things that I thought were sort of crazy or wrong, but at least I could discern the self-interest. What was the self-interest here? To whom did the benefit accrue from keeping this secret from the American public?” Donald Trump. That’s who.

With more than 514,000 people killed by COVID-19 in the United States alone, it’s clear that Trump wanted to continue confusing Americans and insisting he’d been correct that the pandemic was no big deal, instead of helping to save lives. And it is almost unbelievable that a president would put his image first instead of setting an example that would help save lives, but here we are 4+ years later, still finding new ways to prove Trump doesn’t care for the American people.

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