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Donald Trump Goes To the Wrong Alamo in Metaphor for His Clown-Shoes Presidency

Guess who forgot the Alamo.

Donald Trump gestures during the presidential debate.

In the midst of his violent attempted coup on the Capitol building and his refusal to take responsibility for the chaos he has wrought, it’s important to remember one thing about Donald Trump and the people who surround him: they are extremely stupid. This unparalleled ignorance has been demonstrated in countless examples, with my personal favorite being the now infamous Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference.

Now, desperate to escape the bad press and pending impeachment, Trump is making his first public appearance since last week’s rally by visiting a section of completed border wall in Alamo, Texas. In choosing the Alamo, Trump and his cronies are clearly invoking the history of the Battle of the Alamo, where Mexican troops stormed and reclaimed the Alamo Mission.

The historic battle has long been lionized as America’s last stand, thanks to folk songs and films lauding folk heroes like Davy Crockett and John Bowie who defended the mission. The actual politics around the siege are, like most U.S. history, a lot more nuanced and steeped in the fantasy of white American exceptionalism.

Clearly, Trump and his sycophants view themselves as the last bastion of white America and have co-opted the Alamo imagery for their own purposes. But being Team Trump, they completely bungled their message by going to the wrong Alamo. Trump and company are headed to the city of Alamo, Texas. The actual Alamo Mission, however, is located in San Antonio, TX. Great work, everyone.

Frankly, I’m surprised they’re not holding the event at an Alamo car rental kiosk. Also, it turns out that no one told the city of Alamo that Trump would be arriving, forcing them to hastily put out this message:

Many took to social media to dunk on Trump for his ignorance and incompetency, as well as the continual self-owns of his inner circle. I guess it’s true what they say: those who ignore history are doomed to be laughingstocks on Twitter.

8 more sleeps until Inauguration Day, friends.

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