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New Jersey Summons German Shepherd for Jury Duty

Jury duty is ruff, but this is ridiculous! I bet that gave the defendant paws! He'll take a bite out of crime! We've got a million of these, guys.


Everyone has a right to a jury of pee-ers, at least in Cumberland County, where a German Shepherd named IV Griner recently received a jury summons.

The accidental summons was actually an understandable bureaucratic blunder; the dog’s owner is named Barret Griner IV, and he gave his German Shepherd the same Roman numeral for her first name. Human Barret Griner said he had a reasonable doubt when he saw the summons, telling CBS, “Nobody in my house is named IV except the German Shepherd.”

Thankfully, he alerted the county’s judiciary coordinator to the mistake before sending the 5 year old to fulfill her civic duty.

IV Griner’s summons has been revoked so the dog can devote more time to butt sniffing and hydrant marking, but her story serves as a message to everyone trying to avoid getting trapped in the jury box: say you’re a dog. What could go wrong?

(via abc and cbs, image via Centurion)

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