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Why Stiles Is Missing From the New ‘Teen Wolf’ Movie

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles in Teen Wolf

The Teen Wolf cast has returned for Teen Wolf: The Movie, which takes place five years after the iconic MTV series ends. That means its main character, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), is no longer a teen—but he’s still living in Beacon Hills and running with his pack.

In addition to the time jump and the surprise return of Crystal Reed as Allison Argent (who died in Teen Wolf season 3), Teen Wolf: The Movie has another significant change: Scott’s best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is nowhere to be seen.

Is Stiles dead in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Stiles doesn’t appear on-screen in Teen Wolf: The Movie, though his character is mentioned several times. That makes sense. In the TV series, he’s Scott’s best friend, Stilinski (Linden Ashby)’s son, and Lydia (Holland Roden)’s boyfriend.

In the movie, he’s mentioned by name for the first time when Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Mason (Khylin Rhambo) are investigating a crime scene and debating whether they should call the FBI or just have Stilinski call Stiles, who seems to still be working for the Bureau. We never learn if Stiles gets that call, but he doesn’t come back to Beacon Hills despite the BBEG of the movie having made a previous appearance in Teen Wolf season 3 and having a personal connection to Stiles.

That may be because, as Lydia reveals, she broke up with him to prevent one of her visions from coming true. She’s been dreaming of a car accident where she survives and Stiles doesn’t, and she thought the best option for keeping him alive was to end their relationship. So Stiles isn’t dead, potentially thanks to Lydia’s decision.

Fans will still get to see Stiles’s iconic Jeep in Teen Wolf: The Movie, because he left it behind when it stopped running. Derek got it working again, and Stilinski bequeathed it to Derek’s son Eli (Vince Mattis). Although it’s not the same as seeing Stiles himself, the Jeep is a comforting reminder of his days in Beacon Hills.

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