Mikasa Ackerman sitting beside Eren's grave and crying because of how much she misses him. From Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 3.

How Mikasa’s Story in ‘Attack on Titan’ Ends

Hardly anybody is safe from the wrath of Attack on Titan’s author, Isayama Hajime. He’s killed off a lot of beloved characters, and technically, he allowed Eren to kill 80% of the anime. If anybody should be the butt of the Eren mind-control memes, it should be Isayama himself. But because of the savage nature of Attack on Titan, many fans have been wondering whether or not Mikasa lived through the end of season 4, part 3.

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Nobody thinks that Mikasa herself is weak. For one thing, she’s an Ackerman with inhuman strength much like Levi. She’s also a pivotal part of the story, even if the anime didn’t give her a lot of chances to speak. However, nothing’s guaranteed for anime watchers who fear Mikasa’s fate.

Mikasa does, in fact, survive Attack on Titan season 4, part 3. She was the one to behead Eren in a bittersweet moment to end The Rumbling, even if Armin took the blame for Eren’s death in their world’s official history. Mikasa ran off to bury Eren where it all started: on the tree on top of a hill. The ending of season 4 featured Mikasa sitting beside Eren’s grave, where she tearfully wished to see him again. As if by design, a bird wrapped Mikasa’s loose scarf around her one last time the way Eren would.

What many anime watchers are wondering is if Mikasa died at all in the anime. Mikasa dies later on, but because of old age. In the end, she still fulfills Eren’s last wish for her to be free and live a long and happy life. During the credits, it was shown that she got married and grew old with somebody else. The series doesn’t confirm who Mikasa married and had a family with, but the images in the credits imply that it was Jean Kirstein.

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