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Donald Trump Jr. Made a MAGA/Baby Yoda Mashup and for Once I WANT Disney to be Overzealous About Copyright


baby yoda uses the force

I will gladly take MAGAers calling me “triggered” if it means defending the honor of my son and my love, baby Yoda. With everything that is absolutely f**king terrible in this world right now, there is one thing that brings a light to my dark life, and that light is baby Yoda with his big ears.

Though the star of The Mandalorian, he is not, in fact, the Mandalorian. That’s Pedro Pascal. So, when Donald Trump Jr. decided to post another terrible photoshop of his father using the likeness of baby Yoda and calling it “The Magalorian,” I have to wonder if he thinks that baby Yoda is the title character—or if he knows that the show is about refugee children in need and opposing an imperial reign (the irony, man).


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Triggered in 3…2…1

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Now, here’s my thing: Disney and Star Wars can definitely flex their copyright muscles here, as they so love to do. Normally, they use their powers for evil, but I’m asking them to now flex that power because seeing Donald Trump’s face on my beautiful son is now ingrained in my memory and filling my eyes with tears. Jon Favreau did not save whatever hope I had in the world for it to be destroyed because Donald Trump Jr. is a terrible human with access to photoshop.

I guess, in many circles, I would be considered “dramatic,” but I am not. This is seriously the worst thing that could happen to me. (It isn’t, but also my bit of joy is almost completely contingent on baby Yoda and the movie Dolittle, so I don’t need any photoshop happening to Robert Downey Jr.’s face next).

But the Mouse House is a company filled with power and money, and so I am begging whoever out there is listening, use that power like Nickelback did. Get Instagram to take down the image. Get someone out there to get Donald Trump Jr. in trouble, because this fifty-year-old baby does not deserve this.

Here is actual footage of me waiting not patiently for the Mouse to do something about this:

baby yoda drinking tea

In all seriousness, the idea of destroying something that is giving people joy because we don’t support your views or your father is a truly messed up way of existing. “Oh, you’re happy with this baby with big ears? Lol now he’s Donald Trump! DEAL WITH IT SNOWFLAKES” is the mindset of a psychopath.

Baby Yoda doesn’t deserve this; he’s just a fifty-year-old baby who wants to drink his broth and be held by his Dadalorian, and I hope my love, Jon Favreau, comes in and stops this for the health of my heart.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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