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DJ Khaled Decided to Let the Whole World Know He Doesn’t Perform Oral Sex on His Wife


Congrats DJ Khaled, you played yourself and in quite a public manner to boot.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, the popular NYC based radio show, the music producer began rambling about he believes that the woman should “praise the man” which, when that sentence comes out of a grown-ass man’s mouth, is an indicator that all hell is about to come. Khaled then goes on to say that if a man is “holding it down” for his woman, then she should praise him. His way of praising his wife is giving her food and material things as if she is a pet. And before you come here thinking I’m being hyperbolic, look at the clip in the tweet and tell me he’s not talking about a Pomeranian.

As Angela Yee puts it, “all of that to say you don’t go down?” To which Khaled says emphatically “no.” But best believe Pitch Perfect 3 co-star, DJ Khaled expects to get his blowjobs as per his “praise.”

“Different rules for men. You gotta understand like we … you know, we the king! So there are some things y’all might not want to do, it gotta get done. Y’know what I’m saying? I just can’t do what you want me to do.” (via The Root)

Now here is the thing. If a partner doesn’t want to have oral sex, because it’s not what they are into, that is fine. Firstly, because no one “owes” anyone sex and secondly, oral sex is an art form, so if they aren’t down for it, chances are it’d be a waste of your time anyway. You have that conversation with your partner, if it’s just a hook up then you can peace out if it’s a dealbreaker.

That being said, to then have this giant expectation that you are entitled to blow jobs, even though you are never going to give her oral sex, is not only childship but so unbelievably steeped patriarchy that a part of me can’t believe it came out of his mouth. The way he frames that he “puts it down” for her by taking care of her. Um, you are married. That’s what partnerships are. Taking care of each other and whichever partner (male or female) makes the money then they provide.

This is why I hate all this “king” and “queen” talk from straight men of color. A woman is only a queen if you can put her in a corset, tucked away in a tower and have total control over her. Once she starts talking she’s a witch and you throw her away.

Well, Lady Khaled, I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of courtly love, but if you are supposed to be a queen, well I hope you are getting a hot piece of Lancelot somewhere.

What about you all out there? Is this a dealbreaker for you?

(via The Root, image: Paramount)

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