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Fashion Website Uses Disney Princesses to Endorse its Vibrators, Presumably Has Great Legal Team

Gadgets and gizmos aplenty.


Forget princesses, I would buy an Ursula or Maleficent marital aid in an instant. Tell me this is not the face of a sexually satisfied woman:

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I’m not clear who online retailer Shop Jeen‘s target demographic is (Ethan Hawke from Reality Bites and everyone who went to see Ouija, maybe? Seriously, that is one weird website) but the company’s Instagram from earlier this week featuring this $68 “Love Discovery Mini Vibrator” has been gaining a lot of attention:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.49.13 PMHonestly, I’m not terribly disturbed by this choice of mascots; Disney princesses have already been depicted in countless sexual situations in fan-created content, and unlike many other corners of the Internet, at least Shop Jeen isn’t fetishizing Ariel or Jasmine’s youth. (Besides, I genuinely like the idea that “all princesses do it,” if ” “it” means “forsake the nice but ultimately unsatisfying numbskull you met at the age of fifteen, buy an affordable but reliable dinglehopper, and get yours, ladies.”)

What do you think, friends? Aside from the obvious legality issues of an advertisement like this one, how do you feel about taking characters originally created for kids and instead using them to market adult products (especially if the original fan base themselves have aged)? And does anyone else want to buy some ShopJeen platform jelly shoes with me?

(via Daily Dot, image via SHOP JEEN on instagram)

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