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Kids-of-Disney-Characters TV Movie Casts a Twilight Actor, Reminds Us That It’s Happening

Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about the Disney Channel’s Descendants until I read that Booboo Stewart has joined the cast. Which is kind of weird, because “high school AU starring the children of famous Disney characters” is a bonkers enough idea that you’d think it would stick in your head.

Stewart (who’s still generally referred to as “Twilight‘s Booboo Stewart” because none of the films he’s booked since, including X-Men: Days of Future Past, have come out yet—come on, Booboo, pull an Anna Kendrick, you can do it!) will be playing Jay, son of Jafar. Lest you think the Aladdin villain is unusually unoriginal in naming his kid Jay, you should know the children of Cruella del Vil, Maleficent, and Snow White‘s Evil Queen are named Carlos, Mal, and Evvie, respectively. I repeat: The Evil Queen named her daughter Evvie. That’s idiotic. No wonder she was defeated.

As a reminder, the premise of Descendants is that the King and Queen (the Beast and Belle) decreed that all villains, their children, and their sidekicks be banished to an island, which is pretty damn messed up when you think about it. But instead of a bloody, twisted dystopia we get teenage shenanigans when Prince Ben lets the kids attend prep school with the children of Disney heroes Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Belle and the Beast, and Mulan. Kenny Ortega, who helmed all three High School Musical movies, will direct.

This is going to be so bad. But will it be so bad it’s good? We can only hope. Disney, I’ll give you some advice for free: Cast Taylor Lautner as Jafar. It doesn’t matter that he’s roughly the same age as the actor playing his son. We’re aiming for maximum cheese here. And you would save on your shirt budget.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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