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Buy a Disembodied Lap for Your Dog

For those of you who don’t want your dog to be without the comfort of laps when you aren’t around, or maybe those who really love your dog, but just don’t want to get your jeans all dog-dirty, Laps of Luxury has made a disembodied lap available for purchase. Probably not stuffed with human parts, the pillow captures the waist to the shins of a human of average or so height, and as you can see by the terrified pup in the picture above, disembodied laps are totally what dogs crave. Sure, a lap will cost around $175, but what price getting up to pee when your dog is being adorable? Read on below to see how a cat utilizes disembodied laps, and check out the various styles of laps available for purchase over at Laps of Luxury.

(via Best Week Ever)

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