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Disc-less GameCube Handheld Is Awesome, Looks Like a PSP

Techknott, the man behind this mobile console hack, has a pretty serious history with console modification including a portable Dreamcast and a cool flip-top, portable GameCube. This time, it appears he decided to take things a step further and make his new GameCube portable disc-less, also giving it a control scheme that includes actual analog sticks, something the PSP never got. In order to be disc-less this device boots ROMs off of SD cards, which is questionably legal and undeniably awesome.

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For reference, the console is about 1.5 times bigger than your standard GameCube controller, which isn’t bad considering this one has a GameCube inside it. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a battery pack which means it needs to stay on its leash. Still, if techknott really wanted to take this on the road, I’m sure adding batteries would be a walk in the park for someone with this kind of l33t sk1llz.

Video description suggests this is ultimately headed for eBay, unless a sweet offer comes in the meantime. So get on that, if you are so inclined.

(via Hack a Day)

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