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Did Markiplier Really Start an OnlyFans?

It's for a good cause!

YouTube personality Markiplier

It’s been a long-running joke in YouTube gaming circles: When is Markiplier going to make an OnlyFans? But what was once a joke has now snowballed into reality: Mark Fischbach (a.k.a. Markiplier) has officially launched an account on For those familiar with the popular gaming YouTuber, the sudden shift towards sex work may seem like it’s coming out of left field—but rest assured, it’s for a good cause.

Who is Markiplier?

For the uninitiated, Markiplier is a Let’s Play YouTuber with a sizable and devoted following—he’s been an influential voice in the gaming community for over a decade, and boasts a whopping 34 million subscribers and 19 billion-plus views to show for it. Though he may have made a name for himself playing titles like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Red Dead Redemption, and Prop Hunt, his channel nowadays has just as much non-gaming content as it does Let’s-Plays.

As his channel has grown, so too has the scope of his content. Not only has Markiplier used his platform to produce ambitious original content like the chose-your-own adventure video A Date With Markiplier, but he’s also spent a significant portion of his YouTube career dedicated to philanthropic efforts. To date, Markiplier has raised over three million dollars across his various charity live streams and fundraising events, including $500,000 raised in a single day for My Friend’s Place.

Did Markiplier start an OnlyFans?

A screenshot of Markiplier's OnlyFans page
(Screenshot: OnlyFans)

While Markiplier is certainly no stranger to philanthropy, where does the OnlyFans element come in? It’s no secret that Markiplier’s impressive physique is the subject of constant thirsting from fans (leading to, of course, requests for an OnlyFans), and in true unorthodox Markiplier fashion, the YouTuber put that thirst to good use—by laying down a challenge for fans. In a video called “I Will Start an Only Fans …,” Fischbach explains his previous philanthropic success with a “Tasteful Nudes” calendar that sold over 38,000 copies—all for charity—and poses a new (equally horny) provocation: If subscribers meet a specific set of conditions, he will start an OnlyFans account.

The conditions? First, enough people needed to stream his podcast Distractible (co-hosted by two fellow friends and YouTubers) so that it hit number one on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, therefore dethroning Joe Rogan. Second, people needed to listen to his other podcast, GO! My Favorite Sports Teams, and make it the number one sports podcast globally. It was as simple as that: Get two podcasts to the top of the charts, and bask in those sweet, sweet tasteful nudes. Of course, fans jumped at the challenge (and the prospect of a long-held pipe dream being fulfilled) and just five days later, Markiplier uploaded another video, simply titled “… wow.”

Sure enough, just three days after he shared the conditions for starting the account, fans shot both podcasts to number one on Spotify—dethroning Joe Rogan in the process. But, tragically, they were unable to get Markiplier’s podcast to the number one spot on Apple Podcasts. Generously (or perhaps, just really wanting to bless us with tasteful nudes), Markiplier set a new challenge for fans to meet that would also ensure the creation of an OnlyFans, even though the Apple Podcasts attempt hadn’t been completed.

In paradoxically wholesome fashion, Markiplier’s new condition for creating an account was simply that subscribers follow a link provided in the description and support his upcoming documentary film Markiplier From North Korea, which he emphasized was based on a story written by his mother. Thus, a new (and seemingly more attainable) gauntlet was thrown down, and fans had nothing to do but wait and hope. Of course, yet again, they came through: In a third video, titled “you win …,” Markiplier confirmed that his conditions had been met, and that an OnlyFans was forthcoming.

In the video, he noted that it would be some time before the account began (so don’t be fooled by the many faux OnlyFans Markipliers out there), and that when the day did come, fans could look for the link in a video titled “Here.”

Flash forward a month, and the day has finally come: Markiplier’s OnlyFans account is live and subscribe-able as of this moment. In true Markiplier fashion, though, all proceeds from purchases (the first photo drop is priced at $3, in case you were wondering) will go to charity. The profits will be split evenly between the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Program—in Markiplier’s words, “If you’re going to quench your thirst, you might as well try to feed somebody.”

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