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The DC Universe Drama Is Getting Pretty Weird

Wait? What's that up in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... not Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill as Superman and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Black Adam

There’s trouble in Metropolis! Lex Luthor is spreading wild and unfounded claims of people getting fired! There’s panic in the streets! Pigs are climbing trees! Cats and dogs are living in harmony! It’s the end times, I tell you. The end!

Wait? What’s that up in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s—

Not Henry Cavill … he ain’t Superman no more … and that’s the real disaster.

So what happened with Henry Cavill and Superman?

After a dramatic battle with DC Studios, Henry Cavill was let go as Superman. This is a devastating blow to any actor’s career; getting cast in a superhero movie these days is the equivalent to finding a time machine that allows you to invest in Coca Cola back in 1938 or whatever. Superhero movies pay superhuman amounts of money, and getting cut from one is a nasty blow to anyone’s checkbook. One might be thinking “how could this have happened to Henry Cavill? How could Henry Cavill’s manger LET this happen to Henry Cavill? WHAT IS GOING ON SOMEONE NEEDS TO LOSE THIER JOB!”

And that’s exactly what happened…

According to an article published by Puck, Henry Cavill DID in fact fire his manager. HOWEVER, this was reportedly long before the DC drama came to light. So, case closed right? They had a falling out and it’s done? Right?

Well, it gets a little weirder

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Twitter the other day to REFUTE the claim that Henry Cavill fired his manager, who also happens to be The Rock’s ex-wife AND former manager. Why? I got no damn clue. No one does. But it is well documented that The Rock was championing Henry Cavill to return to the DC Universe. After all, the actor fought tooth and nail to get Cavill to appear as Superman in a post-credits scene at the end of Black Adam, which Cavill did. It’s unknown why Johnson would fight for Cavill even after Cavill cut ties with Johnson’s former manager, and I REALLY don’t know why he would lie about it. It wouldn’t be the first time that Johnson has misrepresented the truth to the public before, as it was recently discovered that he released a misleading profits sheet to the press in order to claim that Black Adam made more money at the box office than it actually did. Things are getting really weird …

If anything, this just goes to show that there is most likely a large dumpster fire burning behind the scenes in Hollywood’s DC Universe, and we’ve been smelling whiffs of it for year. Unlike Marvel, which is quite literally taking over the entertainment world, DC has really struggled to get solid movies off the ground. It’s been plagued by studio drama, poor box office sales, and now some sketchy behind-the-scenes personnel changes. It’s not known if Henry Cavill or The Rock will work with DC again at this point, but this may just signify the beginning of the end. Only time will tell. And Twitter, I assume.

(featured image: Warner Bros.)

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