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Oh, Good: Peter Dinklage’s Destiny Voice Acting Will Be “Updated”

But will there still be moon wizards?



Many people who had the opportunity to check out the Destiny alpha were disappointed (maybe even grumpy — eh? Ehhhhh?) to find that Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage sort of sounded like he was phoning it in during his performance as one of the game’s robotic “ghosts.” Well, good news! A Lannister always rerecords his lines. That’s how that saying goes, right?

In an update from Bungie Studios, the company responsible for the genre-bending fantasy FPS, Community Manager Eric Osborne (Urk) responded to a hypothetical player who was wondering about whether or not Ghost’s dialogue in the Alpha would be the final version. Not only has the dialogue been updated for the Beta, he told this “fictional, question formulating friend,” but it will also be updated again for the September 9th launch date.

“Funny thing about Alpha builds,” he added. “They’re not done. Please pardon our Moon dust!”

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out this gameplay footage from the Destiny alpha, courtesy of Kotaku:

Man, Dinklage, did someone just wake you up from a nap?

At least Bungie appears to be taking the criticism in stride. Earlier this week they also released a “Wizard that Came from the Moon” t-shirt inspired by Dinklage’s dialogue in the above footage, and it’s apparently now their bestselling item–which just goes to show that if you can’t beat ’em, find a way to make more money off ’em.

Well, okay, technically Bungie isn’t making money off the shirts because it’s all reportedly going to charity. But they’ve got more than enough money from Activision to develop their game, Urk and Chief Operating Officer Pete Parsons tell readers. Not all of the $500 million rumored will go to development, of course, but they’re in pretty good shape.

“I think that [figure] speaks a lot more to the long-term investment that we’re making in the future of the product,” Parsons said at this year’s E3.

If you’re interested in grabbing that shirt for yourself, by the way, then you’d better act fast: they’ll only be accepting orders for the next 24 hours, and that’s as of yesterday. Then they’ll finally be ready to take this whole controversy and:

dinklage shut it down

What, you thought I was going to use a Tyrion gif?

(via Polygon, featured image via Imgur)

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