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The Other Defenders Have Zero Time for Danny’s Shit In This Latest Trailer

Close on the heels of the series’ Netflix premiere this coming Friday, The Defenders has released another trailer that shows us more of the team’s dynamics and a few more pretty cool-looking fight clips. The above version, posted on a not-official channel called MCU Trailers, doesn’t quite capture the full trailer, so I recommend you check out the official version on Netflix if you can.

While this trailer does seem to confirm my earlier fears that The Defenders will be pretty Iron Fist-centric, I’ve got to admit that I like how he plays off the other team members here. The other three can be down-to-earth and depressing, so it’s nice to see them work with someone whose vast wealth and magic chi powers have given him a semi-obnoxious, semi-inspiring confidence. If you’ve ever been friends with someone who’s super-privileged but also super-encouraging and supportive, you’ll understand this particular cocktail – and I’m intrigued to see it on-screen. If the writers and actor Finn Jones can pull off the right balance of assertive and encouraging, they could really win me over to Danny Rand as a character.

Either way, I think Mike Colter is an out-and-out genius when it comes to reaction faces, so I’m already pumped to make 100 GIFs from his reactions to Danny Rand.

The Defenders premieres on Netflix on August 18, 2017.

(Via io9; image via screengrab)

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