Lawyers: Juries Grant Passes to Defendants Who Wear Glasses

Today in cunning legal strategies: The New York Daily News reports that defense lawyers in the state have become fond of what they call the “nerd defense,” which apparently consists of having the defendants wear glasses.

Yes, this works on some juries:

Research has shown glasses generally go a long way with jurors. A 2008 study found specs led to more acquittals.

“We found that eyeglasses tended to make the defendant look more intelligent and less physically threatening to jurors,” said Michael Brown, the SUNY Oneonta psychology professor who conducted the study. “It’s the whole idea of presenting yourself as intelligent and a little emasculated.”

Jurors say the ruse works.

“I don’t think of someone with glasses as being a psycho killer,” said one potential juror in an upcoming murder trial. “I’d wear them too if I was in their shoes.”

(via NY Daily News. h/t Phil Bump.)

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