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The Second Full Trailer For The Death Of Superman Lives Is Here, And It’s Crazy

Still nothing as weird as the missing "s" in Batman v Superman. I'm never gonna let it go, Snyder.

This second trailer for the fan-backed documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? has some breathtakingly weird details about the Nic Cage-starring, Tim Burton-directed, Kevin Smith-penned movie that never was. Long-haired Cage in a fluorescent bubble suit? Check. Multiple doomsday scenarios? Double check. Kevin Smith’s requisite giant spiders? Hoo boy. We were not worthy.

The documentary on the audaciously weird project is in post production now and still needs financial help from fans with a vested interest in watching a bubble-clad Cage fight a polar bear. To help make the dream a reality, you can head over to Fanbacked and support the documentary’s $85,000 goal.

(via io9)

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