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Documentary About Tim Burton’s Failed Superman Lives Gets a Trailer, Needs Your Help

Is it because he wanted to give Superman a funny hat?

The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? is a documentary about the Tim Burton-directed, Kevin Smith-penned, Nic Cage-starring Superman movie that might have been. We’ve all heard a lot of rumors about the production and what went wrong, and this documentary seeks to find the truth, but it’s running out of money.

The documentary launched a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013 raising more than $115,000–a good bit over their goal of $98,000. That money is apparently running out as the trailer also calls for people to go to which links to a page trying to raise $85,000 to finish editing and post-production work on the film. That campaign has 46 days left, and so far they’ve only raised a little over $7,000.

If you’re curious about the story behind Superman Lives and want to hear it from the mouths of the original filmmakers including Tim Burton and Kevin Smith then check out the FanBacked page.

(via Blastr, image via The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?)

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