The Internet Is Once Again Mocking Dean Cain for Continuing to Be the Worst

dean cain as superman

Dean Cain has continued to be the worst. Recently, he went on Fox News to complain about how Superman supposedly wouldn’t be allowed to say “Truth, justice, and the American way” anymore. Everyone took to Twitter to share why he was wrong, and now we’re just doubling down on the “Dean Cain is the worst” trend with his latest efforts at being the absolute worst.

The former actor, now cop (which says a lot about him), decided to be a jerk to Frank Whaley. The Ray Donovan star shared a story about Jon Voight and how the actor slapped him across the face because he couldn’t keep up in a scene:

Cain, being the jerk that he is, basically said that Frank Whaley deserved to be slapped …

Which is against the rules of a film set.

What’s funny about the situation is that it ushered in everyone on Twitter just making fun of Dean Cain.

It’s not nice to make fun of people, but I do enjoy when the internet starts making fun of Dean Cain—mainly because he basically asks for everyone to mock him by being a jerk, utterly tarnishing his time as Superman. Anyway, Donald Trump has the likes of Dean Cain, Jon Voight, Scott Baio, and James Woods on his side, so like … they can make a really shitty version Ocean’s 4 or something, if they feel like it.

(image: ABC)

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