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Trailer for Zombie Game Dead Island is Amazing, Traumatizing


This is a trailer for upcoming zombie game Dead Island, developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver, slated to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime this year. My first response to this trailer was “…what?” Then when I found out this game is going to be a zombie-based first-person shooter, my response changed to “…why.” Note the deliberate period. Then I found out that the game is a sandbox zombie-based first-person shooter with four player drop in cooperative play that is heavily influenced by George A. Romero movies, and my response changed to “…well, at least this trailer happened.” The developers claim that we shouldn’t worry, and the game will be different from how the description makes it seem like it is going to end up. The trailer suggests a kind of Heavy Rain game with a zombie twist, but it’ll probably prove difficult to provide an emotional story when three other buds drop into co-op. My guess is that this trailer is more of a concept than anything that has to do with the game, other than the zombies. Hopefully I’m wrong about that.

Update: Uh, yipes. Not sure whether this is too terrible to post in the aftermath of such a heart-wrenching trailer, but G4 has put the trailer in chronological order and added Yakety Sax. Yeah.

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