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More Dead Birds Fall from the Sky in Louisiana


The mystery deepens: Days after 100,000 dead fish and 5,000 dead birds were found in Arkansas — eyewitnesses saw more than 1,000 drop dead on New Year’s Eve — roughly 500 blackbirds were found dead on a highway in Louisiana.

Christian Science Monitor:

Americans have theorized that everything from fallout from secret government weapons testing to UFO collisions downed the birds in Arkansas. But the newly-discovered bird rain in Louisiana is likely to focus more serious attention to the plight of blackbirds now bundled in winter flocks that can number over 100,000 birds.

Postmortem tests of birds in the Arkansas incident showed evidence of blunt force trauma to many of the victims, which Mr. Butcher says means that it’s likely the birds were spooked by New Year’s Eve fireworks and may, in mass confusion, have run into cars and houses.

Oddly enough, no one in Arkansas or Louisiana blacked out and had a two-minute-and-seventeen-second vision of their future either time the birds fell from the sky.

(via Christian Science Monitor)

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