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DC Super Hero Girls Introduces Supergirl in Season Two Premiere

If you haven’t watched already, DC Super Hero Girls is an adorable series of digital shorts that are a great way to introduce the little heroes in your life to some of DC’s amazing female heroes. Its first season was made up of thirteen 3 1/2 minute episodes. Today, Season Two has launched and brings the arrival of one of DC’s finest, Supergirl! Check out Episode 1, “New Beginnings,” in the video above!

Supergirl is voiced by Anais Fairweather, and she seems to love the fact that the version of Supergirl presented here is far from perfect. She’s clumsy, bumbling, and not in control of her powers at all, but the show lets us know that this is okay. According to a DC press release, Fairweather says, “You see her constantly coming up against herself and questioning herself. Is she powerful enough? Is she ready? Does she have enough training? I think the biggest thing for her is really believing in herself. I so badly want young girls to believe in themselves and to take risks and to not let people stand in their way. It’s so important to trust and to know that you can do this. I think a big thing is to call on help and to not be afraid to ask people for help. I think another one of her challenges is to not apologize so much.”

That struggle that Supergirl is experiencing doesn’t stop at wanting to master her abilities, but it of course has to do with the fact that she’s far from her Kryptonian home, and trying to find her place on a new world. “Her dynamic is that she really is genuinely learning about herself and learning about the other girls at the school and wanting to take something from all of them,” Fairweather explains. “I really believe she wants to learn from each one of them in their own way and become close to them and find her home here because she’s so far away from her actual home. I could really feel that sense of her wanting to find her place.”

Fairweather sees the effects of a character like Supergirl when she looks at the little girls in her own life. “”I have a niece who’s four years old and she loves the show,” she explains. “I’m so glad she finally has something that she can connect to. This is one of the first things like this, and it’s so, so great for her. I see her running around the house pretending to be Supergirl with the cape on, and she’s got her little arm ahead of her and she’s flying through the dining room. Any possible chance to empower young women, that’s genuinely my goal in life. It feels so good to be a part of this.”

You can check out new episodes of DC Super Hero Girls biweekly either at the DC Super Hero Girls website, or on their YouTube channel. Get your cape on!

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