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DC Comics Changed Its Mind, Will Allow Superman “S” on Memorial Statue

Good news!


Yesterday we told you about DC’s decision not to allow the Superman “S” Shield to be used on the memorial of a Toronto child who died due to neglect and abuse. In a statement today, however, DC has reconsidered their position and will let the shield be used on the memorial after all.

The plans for Jeffrey Baldwin’s memorial included a statue of him dressed in his favorite Halloween costume as Superman. But when it came time for the memorial’s creators to obtain permission to use the logo, they were denied “for a variety of legal reasons” according to DC’s senior vice-president of business and legal affairs, Amy Genkins. So, they put together plans to replace the S with a “J” for Jeffrey instead.

However, it appears that all that press coverage might have freaked out the legal team at DC Comics (who, as we pointed out in our coverage yesterday, had a very difficult choice to make with this decision), as they appear to have completely rescinded their denial. In a statement released this morning, a company spokesperson had this to say:

We are honored by the relationship that our fans have with our characters, and fully understand the magnitude of their passion. We take each request seriously and our heartfelt thoughts go out to the victims, the family and those affected. DC Entertainment uses a flexible set of criteria when we receive worthy requests such as this, and at times have reconsidered our initial stance. After verifying the support of appropriate family members, DC Entertainment will be allowing the Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Statue to feature the Superman S Shield.

Todd Boyce, who was instrumental in crowdfunding the $36,000 needed for the statue, confirmed the decision on Twitter:

While we can’t help wondering what the mood in DC’s PR department must be like right now (but what else is new?), this is very good news for Jeffrey Baldwin’s family and for those who have followed this memorial since its inception. The statue is expected to be complete this fall and will be given a place in Toronto’s Greenwood Park.

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