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David’s Ankles Could Be the Statue’s Downfall—Literally, Its Weak Ankles Could Make It Fall Down

Honestly, we wouldn't have called out his ankles as his weakness, if you know what we mean.


Michelangelo’s David has long been seen as a figure of strength, but it turns out the statue has a major weakness: its ankles.

The David weighs in at about six tons, and a lot of that weight rests on the statue’s ankles—but they’re just not cutting it anymore. Microfractures have been found in the statue’s legs and ankles, and now David is in danger of falling under its own weight.

Other factors that have led to the statue’s current state are the low-quality marble used for the statue, its off-center pose, and the forward-leaning position the statue was displayed at for hundreds of years.

The National Research Council has examined the statue and says that an earthquake or something as minor as road construction could topple the it. They recommended it be moved to an more secure, earthquake-proof location.

(via The BBC, image via Benjamin Vander Steen)

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