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First Glimpse of David Tennant As Purple Man in Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones

God bless random people on the internet. Sometimes, they end up pointing their cameras at the right stuff. Instagram user Koray Ersin recently posted this photo of fan-favorite, David Tennant, in his new role as Marvel villain Zebediah Kilgrave, aka the mind-controlling Purple Man, on Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones, which is currently filming in New York City.

There’s already plenty of reason to be excited about AKA Jessica Jones, but the more we glimpse from the streets as they shoot the series, the more into it I get! I’m digging the stylish purple ensemble, but one has to wonder – how purple is David Tennant gonna get on this show, considering the character looks like this in comics?

purple man
Then again, I have faith in VFX. There’s absolutely no reason why there can’t be a purple-skinned David Tennant during the series. At least, not if Netflix loves us.

(via Comics Alliance)

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