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Help Us Devise Appropriate Names for David Lynch’s New Line of Workout Clothes for Women

Inseam Empire is too on the nose. Lost Thighway? Diane's Secret? POWER WALK WITH ME?


If you’re anything like me, the first person that comes to mind when you think of supportive and comfortable workout wear is renowned surrealist, director, and advocate for transcendental meditation Mr.David Lynch. Yes, the world finally has a supportive bra designed by the subconscious that brought us Eraserhead, thanks to a collaboration between the David Lynch Foundation and clothing company Live the Process.


Here we see the accurately-named “David Lynch Scoop Bra” paired with Lynch leggings. Items are available in the “limited-edition David Lynch floral,” and lest you balk at the clothes’ price tag (the D.L.S.B. alone is $115.00) a portion of the line’s proceeds will benefit the victims of abuse.


If you’re not a sylph like this lady above, note that some of the items only go up to a large, which I suppose is the inherent risk of using a consortium of owls as your focus group. They never consider practicalities.


Somewhere in California, Lynch is bending over a log and nodding as it explains the significance of this excessively high waist. Kudos to the director for experimenting with creative new fields in the name of charity, and for providing me with this source of endless, if unaffordable, joy.

(via Jezebel)

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