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David Liebe Hart, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job is Kickstarting a Punk Album


Fans of Tim and Eric will immediately recognize David Liebe Hart, who was a regular on the show. Known for his musical talents and skills in puppetry, Hart is now looking to get funding for a punk album. He’s turned to Kickstarter, and with your help will get songs about Betty White the porn-hating alien La Rent pressed to wax. This is worth your time. 

On his Kickstarter page, Hart writes that despite his successful work on Awesome Show, the songs he created for the series are now the property of Warner Brothers. Hart has mostly worked as a street musician around L.A., as well as the host of a public access show. Now, Hart has decided to get serious about his musical career and cut a for-real studio album.

True to Kickstarter form, Hart is offering a number of fascinating incentives. At the low end, supporters will receive a handwritten note from Hart on, “the take-out menu from a local restaurant.” Pledges up to $40 will include a copy of the album, along with art from Hart. At $50, you can talk to Hart on his home phone number for as long as you want. Supporters can presumably choose the subject, but Hart suggests, “I’ll tell you all about the aliens and working with Tim and Eric and John C. Reilly.” Higher end contributions — at the $200 and $500 level — will earn supporters an appearance on Hart’s public access show or a personal dinner with Hart.

At the $60 level, supporters will receive an item from Hart’s wardrobe.

Hart’s work is obviously not for everyone, but his earnest approach and complete outsider status make his endeavors really stand out. If nothing else, any album of his would be in stark contrast to everything in music today. That’s got to be worth a few bucks.

(Kickstarter via KC Green, image via Hart’s Tumblr)

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