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Dave Bautista Joins the Cast of Knives Out 2

Let the mystery unfold!

While we don’t know much about the upcoming sequel to Knives Out, we do have some new exciting casting! Dave Bautista is joining Rian Johnson’s next foray into the world of a murder mystery. According to Variety, Bautista is joining the cast of the highly anticipated sequel which is set to begin shooting in Greece this summer. Daniel Craig will return as Detective Benoit Blanc with Rian Johnson directing, but details past those remain scarce.

News broke recently that Netflix had plans to distribute Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3 after buying the rights for $468 million dollars. After the success that came from Johnson’s first Knives Out movie, this was probably a good move for the streaming platform (though there have been arguments to the contrary). But the excitement this property generates from its fanbase is real and an ongoing, very online thing.

A murder mystery is always a fun time and Johnson’s universe that he created with the first Blanc murder investigation brought an entirely new fanbase to an old genre. With an all-star cast and the twists and turns of Blanc’s private detective ways, the movie was a fun return to the format and I’m personally very excited to see what happens with these sequels. All other things aside, I think we can count on some star-studded casts that will be keen to be involved in the next adventure.

We don’t know who else could possibly be joining from the first Knives Out either. As far as we know, Ana de Armas’ Marta Cabrera could still make an appearance as she did end the movie having a good working relationship with Benoit Blanc (even if she had been lying to him throughout most of the investigation). Could she come back and help him investigate? Maybe she knows Dave Bautista’s character? Could we see some other cameos pop up? The world is truly Rian Johnson’s oyster.

There’s no news about who Bautista will be playing. Maybe he’s another detective working with Benoit Blanc or maybe he’s a suspect. But whatever ends up happening, I’m ready for Knives Out: Forks Down. (Okay, I tried. All the good title ideas have already been tweeted! What’ve you got?)

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