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Daredevil Recaps: “Speak of the Devil” and “Nelson v Murdock”


“Nelson v Murdock” starts with Matt waking up, conveniently already bandaged, on his couch while Foggy grabs himself a drink.

daredevil foggy beer

“I’ve had several of these since last night and needed every single one.”

His feelings are hurt pretty badly, and Claire was apparently there to patch Matt up! But no time for that now—there are friendship feelings to be had. You know, that other, deeply important “ship.”

Foggy has finally put together that Matt can “see,” and he’s got some pretty intense trust issues building over the years of seemingly pretend blindness. Other titles I would have accepted for this episode: “Blind Trust.” Or maybe that’s for when Foggy eventually comes around? He seems upset enough for more than a single episode.

Of course, we get friendship flashbacks in this one, which means:


College Foggy! Now retired from his tornado-chasing days, he—

Oh no wait. Sorry.

daredevil college foggy

College Foggy!

daredevil college matt

College Matt! “Hello yes I can’t see things. Definitely not.”

They were once college roommates, together on a quest for learning and also dates. But mostly dates, because they were young dweebs.

Matt explains his “sight” to Foggy in the present, who’s not as enthused about the whole “World on Fire” thing as Matt would like.

daredevil makeouttime

“Wait. Last time I got kisses for that. What is all this yelling?”

This episode is clearly going to be one big feelings parade. Oh, and Foggy approves of Claire if you ever want to stop being a doofus, Matt. Your call. Any time. We’ll wait. Impatiently.

He’s also duly incredulous when Matt tries to explain how he got into a ninja fight, which actually goes a long way towards lending credibility to the previous episode. Karen calls, and Foggy makes the tough call to lie to her about what’s up with him and Matt and maybe gets a taste of the very lying he’s mad at Matt over.

Meanwhile, Fisk visits Madame Gao, who has called on him to lecture him about Nobu’s death.

daredevil nobu fire

“See what happens when you play with matches?”

She’s wondering when it’s her Fisk will turn on, and I get the feeling it’s not so much a warning to him to back off as a fair notice of I’m-gonna-kill-you-dummy.

Hey! It’s that Ben Urich’s wife in the hospital storyline we saw once in the episode that introduced him! He’s sitting with her and telling her she’s getting better, but then she promptly forgets the entire conversation, so things aren’t going well on that front.

Back in Matt’s Apartment, Foggy is still getting incredulous at Matt’s stories, now concerning being trained to fight by a dude named “Stick.” He also doesn’t like Matt just going around and using his superpowers on people without them knowing—basically Matt is the NSA now as far as Foggy is concerned.

Then there’s a loooooong Matt and Foggy buddy flashback where they drunkenly stumble around their college campus and say dumb college guy things, and they basically plan to be BFFs.

Meanwhile, Ben’s editor doesn’t like all the time his investigating is taking and offers him a job with more pay and better benefits to help out with his wife, who Ben really doesn’t want to have to put into hospice.

He boxes up the Wall of Foreshadowing and brings it to Karen to say he’ll be too busy taking care of his wife at home to help, and she convinces him to go for a drive to check out a nursing home—a totally normal thing to just up and do that isn’t suspicious in any way.

daredevil karen casual

“What? NO this doesn’t have to do with our investigation, silly. Btw do you have your note pad? No reason.”

Leland expresses to Fisk that he’s not happy about Nobu’s fate either, cementing this as the episode where everyone has trust issues.

Foggy grills Matt about whether or not he’s killed any of the people the news says he has, and Matt says he never went that far.

daredevil nobu matt

“Nope. Never. Stop, drop, and roll, dummy. Totally not my fault he failed fire safety.”

In another flashback, we’re shown the moment when Matt convinced Foggy to quit the big law firm so they might not thoroughly hate themselves.

daredevil fist bump

“Hooray for having souls!”

In the present, Foggy still expresses displeasure over Matt’s costume while he explains the pivotal moment that turned him into a hero… and ugh it’s hard to listen to and I really don’t blame him for snapping and beating up some scumbag.

At the nursing home, Ben and Karen walk around until Karen leads Ben into someone’s room who turns out to be Fisk’s mom, which is why she was so intent on getting Ben to check the place out. Nice work, Karen. They get her onto the subject of the death of Fisk’s dad pretty easily, but she insists it wasn’t his fault.

Yeah. He never went that far. It was all the hammer. Stop, drop, and roll, Mr. Fisk Sr.

Adult Fisk is at a fundraiser, and Leland offers everyone some champagne, and come on that’s totally—oh, yup, it’s poisoned. Everyone who drank it starts dropping to the floor, including… Vanessa! Nooooooo! She’d better be alive. I swear.

Btw, it totally wasn’t Leland. He’s for sure not feeling well either, you guys.


“Someone send me to the nurse. My tummy hurts. Nailed it. They so bought it.

Foggy storms out of Matt’s apartment after voicing some very valid concerns over the dangerousness of his Daredevil activities which are rather similar to Matt’s concerns over the team’s investigation activities.

In one last flashback, Foggy and Matt bond over a lie Matt’s probably telling about falling while taking out the trash, and they clink over the beginnings of their law practice/their friendship.

daredevil main

True love.

Foggy looks at the sign in the present and then throws it in the trash. MY HEART. Nooooooo. He walks out of the office with a box of his stuff.

daredevil lawyerman no more

Lawyer-Man no more!

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