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Things We Saw Today: It’s Ridiculous That Daredevil Couldn’t Qualify For This Emmy

Please give Matt Murdock an award.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock Daredevil

Daredevil has always had stunning fight choreography, particularly when it comes to hallway fight scenes. Season three featured an eleven minute prison riot/escape sequence that left fans breathless. Unfortunately, due to the length of the scene, it couldn’t qualify for an Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.

The three-minute rule seems somewhat silly. Wouldn’t longer sequences be just as eligible, as they require just as much work and effort, if not much, much more?

Daredevil has always had rotten luck at the Emmys though. The first season, which was the best of them all, was snubbed from any major categories. Worse, the show’s two best performers—Vincent D’Onofrio in season one, and Jon Bernthal in season two—were snubbed despite deserving some serious awards love for their work. One could even argue that Charlie Cox’s performance over the course of three seasons should’ve garnered some love as well. Despite having some incredibly high moments, the show never truly broke Emmy ground.

One day a superhero show will get some awards love at the Emmys. It just doesn’t seem to be Daredevil.

(image: Netflix)

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Another Monday, Suevians. What did you see today?

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