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Danny Trejo in Bad Ass, a Real Movie, Seemingly Inspired by a Meme

Back in February 2010, a video was taken of a 67-year-old white man, Thomas Bruso, getting into a fight with a black man on a bus due to what seemed to be an argument based on a racial misunderstanding. The 67-year-old man, after trying to avoid any kind of confrontation by moving to another seat on the other side of the bus, happened to be wearing a shirt that said, “I am a motherf**ker,” and despite his efforts to avoid the fight, got into one anyway. The man he was fighting with actually threw the first punch, but then surprisingly, Bruso quickly jumped out of his seat and subdued the man via a flurry of punches, earning the Internet title of “Epic Beard Man.” His shirt obviously helped garner the Internet’s attention. Now, it seems Danny Trejo will be in a movie entitled Bad Ass inspired by Bruso, trailer above.

Danny Trejo just can’t seem to live a peaceful life, you know? Fighting just seems to find him, and he can’t help but make a difference.

Catch up on your Epic Beard Man knowledge over at Know Your Meme.

(via BuzzFeed)

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