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This is Not a Drill: Dan Harmon’s Officially Returning to Community

I need help reacting to something.


After much rumbling and teasing, Dan Harmon has officially confirmed that he’ll be returning to Community. From a lot of talk on Twitter from him about hiring writers, it’s a fair assumption to make that he’ll be coming right back in as showrunner. Excuse me while I go hyperventilate for a bit.

It’s no secret that we’re all big fans of Community here at Geekosystem, and most of us were lukewarm at best on Season 4 — henceforth known as The Year of No Harmon. The knowledge that he’ll be returning for Season 5 is sure to be well received by longtime fans, but it doesn’t mean that Sony will butt heads less often with the sometimes difficult to work with Harmon.

Here’s the straightest of straight answers from Harmon himself:

Also, lest it be forgotten, the return of Harmon potentially means the return of Starburns. Chew on that.

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