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Dan Harmon Talks Six Seasons and a Movie, Donald Glover’s Return, and More With Hulu’s The Morning After

We'll be fine as long as we watch out for any apocalyptic metaphors.


Community‘s future was left in limbo with last night’s finale, so the show’s got about as much chance of coming back for another season as it’s ever had. Hulu’s The Morning After sat down with showrunner/creator Dan Harmon to talk about the show’s future, what he would’ve done differently in the “gas leak year,” and more.

Above, you can watch their interview with Harmon about the end of season 5 and the possibility of “six seasons and a movie” coming true, and then check out all of the other questions they hit him with below.

Will Donald Glover come back? Will the Community movie (if it ever happens) be a Star Trek III parody?

We’ll always be happy for Donald Glover, but we will also always mourn his loss—with dignity, of course.


The question we’ve all wondered about at one time or another: what would Dan Harmon have done differently for season 4?

Spoiler: he actually appreciates that they tried to keep Community the way it was instead of trying to turn it into something that would get better ratings, even if they failed.

What is it with Community and the song “Daybreak”?

Hey, they even asked him how he feels about all of us crazy fans on the Twitter and whatnot.

Last, there’s a fan question about whether or not there’s anything that’s too crazy to work as a Community episode after years of incredibly nerdy topics covered. Short answer: nope, which should be abundantly clear if you’ve been watching the show.

(The Morning After via Tips)

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