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Damon Wayans Shares Video & Photo of Injuries From Lethal Weapon Series Set Purportedly Caused by Clayne Crawford


Damon Wayans in Lethal Weapon (2016)

When it was first reported that Clayne Crawford was being a menace on the set of Fox’s Lethal Weapon TV series, I remember hoping that he would get removed from the project because (1) no one needs a work environment like that and (2) who is Clayne Crawford that he needs to be saved? Thankfully, he was not only axed, but he was replaced with American Pie‘s Seann William Scott, which will allow the rest of the cast to keep their jobs without being harassed by a massive jerk.

However, there were some out there who defended Crawford and framed it as though people were spreading unfair rumors, there was no proof, and that they would stop watching the show in protest. One of the actors who really got the brunt of this was Damon Wayans, who was feuding with Crawford as a result of his set behavior. Wayans took to Twitter to provide receipts illustrating injuries he sustained on an episode Crawford directed, which Deadline screenshot and reposted because Wayans has turned his account private, due to trolls.

According to Deadline, the video shows “an explosion to Wayans’ right, but he then grabs the back of his head. The ensuing photo shows a bleeding wound on the back left of his head, which Wayans posted with the caption: ‘How does this shrapnel hit me on the opposite side of the head?’ The followup explainer tweet includes #noapology.”

What is so telling is that Wayans had to do this because he wasn’t getting support from Warner Bros., the show’s production company and distributor. It’s really upsetting that Wayans’ word and images are not considered enough. Even in the comments on Deadline, you can see people really arguing that him posting these are “petty af” and that not wanting to work with someone who caused reckless injury to his person makes him a diva.

Plus, Damon Wayans has been producing and working in television since the ’80s. He’s not some amateur throwing a fit, yet that’s how many are portraying him. Why? Because they like Crawford. Cool, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have done this and been wrong.

Damon Wayans isn’t without his problems, by far, but in this case, it’s very upsetting to see that people want to complement Crawford for taking the “high road,” a.k.a. not making scene about being fired for his own behavior, and want to be angry at Wayans for not remaining quiet in the face of the outcry.

(via Deadline, image: Fox)

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