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Daily Show Demonstrates Donald Trump Isn’t Even a Good Miss America Contestant, Let Alone President

On Monday, we noted that Miss Texas took only 20 seconds to do what Donald Trump repeatedly failed at in response to white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Daily Show took things a step further in the video above, demonstrating that the qualifications required to him to become Mr. President are more lax than those to become Miss America.

After a bit of talk about Miss Texas’ words, they lined up some of Trump’s hemming, hawing, and equivocating next to some other Miss America questions to show his failure to give a straightforward answer on pretty much any subject. Meanwhile, the Miss America contestants are shown doing just fine on those same questions, because they’re not that difficult, unless the person answering cares nothing about the outcome for anyone but themselves, resulting in the need to endlessly hedge their bets.

With Trump previously owning Miss Universe—and being really creepy about it—it’s incredibly satisfying to see him unable to live up to pageant standards. That is the sad state of affairs we’re in as a country. This is not a left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, Democrat vs. Republican issue. Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified and transparently does not care about the outcome of any of his decisions beyond the effect on his public image. He’s been given well over 20 seconds to prove he actually cares about helping anyone but himself, and so far, he’s still come up empty.

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