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Jim Jordan Is Getting Sued for His Interference in Trump’s Prosecution

You know, Jim Jordan’s been F-ing around for so long that I bet he never thought he’d get around to finding out, but it’s looking like he might finally have to face some consequences for his actions. That’s right, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Ohio’s least charismatic son for his interference in Donald Trump’s ongoing legal woes in New York.

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According to The New York Times, Bragg explains how Jordan’s actions constitute a “brazen and unconstitutional attack” on the case against Trump in the new lawsuit, along with a “transparent campaign to intimidate and attack” Bragg himself. Look, Jordan trying to interfere in Bragg’s investigation here defies all logic, so I can only assume Donald Trump has something on him since nobody believes ol’ Donald is innocent here, do they?

So what exactly does this suit against Jordan entail? Per the NYT:

Lawyers for Mr. Bragg are seeking to bar Mr. Jordan and his congressional allies from enforcing a subpoena sent to Mark F. Pomerantz, who was once a leader of the district attorney’s Trump investigation and who later wrote a book about that experience. Mr. Pomerantz resigned early last year after Mr. Bragg, just weeks into his first term in office, decided not to seek an indictment of Trump at that time.


“Rather than allowing the criminal process to proceed in the ordinary course, Chairman Jordan and the committee are participating in a campaign of intimidation, retaliation and obstruction,” the suit said, adding that the district attorney’s office had received more than 1,000 calls and emails from Mr. Trump’s supporters — many of them “threatening and racially charged” — since the former president predicted his own arrest last month.

So basically, Jim is trying to leverage his position of authority as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee to get access to documents and key witnesses in the trial. The attorneys, not being incompetent, saw straight-up mob tactics for what they were and decided to hit him back with a lawsuit in a state court. Make no mistake, what Jordan was doing was interfering (in my obviously non-legal, but also non-buffoon-because-I’m-not-Jim-Jordan opinion).

In what world does a federal official have the right to oversee a state investigation? I thought the entire Republican party’s whole shtick was states’ freedom from Federal mandates, or is that only when you’re stripping away abortion access? Just when I think I’m numb to the hypocrisy, I get hit with a fresh wave of their BS and I’m just overcome with anger. America really is the worst group project sometimes. Ohio, you can do better. Sending a literal sack of sh*t to Congress is better than Jim Jordan and would honestly be an improvement for your state’s reputation, here.

Obviously, Jordan is crying about it on Twitter, because what else can you do when you get called out for being an inept criminal who got caught for the most obvious things?

Narrator’s voice: Jim Jordan is a liar and is lying to you now.

Jim Jordan had better get off Twitter and get on the phone to his lawyers, STAT, because he has less than a week to file a response to the lawsuit, and about a week to appear in court. Per The New York Times:

On Tuesday afternoon, the judge in the case, Mary Kay Vyskocil, declined to issue a temporary restraining order that had been proposed by Mr. Bragg’s lawyers, which would have prohibited any enforcement of the subpoena sent to Mr. Pomerantz. Instead, she ordered that Mr. Jordan’s lawyers respond by April 17 and scheduled a hearing in the case for April 19, the day that Mr. Jordan’s committee had set for Mr. Pomerantz’s deposition.

You know, all these Republicans had to do was not commit crimes, but apparently, that bar was too low for them. Now, they are facing the mildest of consequences (so far—fingers crossed that it escalates.) Will all their F-ing around finally catch up to them? We’re about to find out.

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