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Flirtatious Man Tries To Spice Up Customer Service Chat About Lost Package

Oh, this'll be one to tell the grandkids!


Disclaimer: the below image is from Reddit, which we probably all agree is not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity. But as someone who spent one very bleak period working in a customer service call center, does it really matter if “Daniel” actually took advantage of a typo to pick up “Jill?” Women working customer service jobs (even those that don’t require any face-to-face or phone interaction with customers!) endure these kind of overtures every day.

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Curse you, sex/sec!

Let Daniel’s shame serve as a reminder: a woman’s availability to you in a professional capacity is never an invitation for you to hit on her. Although reps who interact with customers remotely have the option of exiting an inappropriate interaction fairly easily, attempting to flirt with someone you can neither see nor hear and who is likely following a script provided by their employer is a pretty sad example of objectification. Clearly it wasn’t Jill’s personality Daniel was interested in, just the fact that she might have boobs and definitely has a pulse.

Good luck finding that package, guy. Considering you never got a chance to describe it, I imagine you’ll need all the help you can get.

(Via Jezebel, image via Mike Licht on Flickr)

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