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YouTube Adds Custom Sizing for Embeddable Videos; Bloggers Cheer

This is probably of no consequence to people who aren’t bloggers, but here it is: YouTube has added custom sizing to their embeddable video players. Anyone who’s ever had to go through the anguish of refitting a 480 pixel width player to fit in a 560 width website or for whom 560 width videos are just too big will appreciate this feature. Your days of diving into the HTML and mentally multiplying 385 by 560/480 are over. (It’s roughly 450, by the way.)

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The custom box is to the far right of the standard-sized player boxes; it automatically fixes for proportions, although this means that there’s no way to break video player proportions without messing with the HTML. The minimum width of a custom embed is 200 pixels, but then, there’s probably not much reason to make a video that tiny anyway.

You can mess around with custom sized embeds by going to any YouTube page.

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