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Benedict Cumberbatch Signed a Genderswapped Smaug Cosplayer’s Tongue at The Hobbit Premiere

I had a dream like that once.


When Redditor Kialna cosplayed as Smaug for this year’s AnimeCon, she had no idea that Benedict the Golden himself would one day bless her headpiece. Truly, life is a strange and beautiful adventure.

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As Kialna explained on Reddit, she had an opportunity to meet Cumberbatch and snag an autograph at this year’s The Battle Of The Five Armies premiere:


Judging from Reddit, Kialna’s light-up cosplay took several months and upwards of 2,000 Euros to build. And her effort shows:


To see more clips and pictures of the Cumber-approved cosplay, head on over to Imgur. Eat your heart out, Colbert.

(via io9)

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