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You Can’t Get This Sweet Wonder Woman Merch Anywhere Else

Readers of The Mary Sue get an exclusive 15% off your first box with the code MARYSUE15—and we can finally reveal the secrets contained within CultureFly’s awesome Wonder Woman collection.

You never know quite what you’re going to get in each themed CultureFly box, but you can rest assured that the items are like no other. They’re designed in-house, so you can’t buy them anywhere else. Everything in the box is super high-quality and has been designed by a team of devoted geek designers who are creating the kind of stuff they want to see and wear in the world. Our favorite aspect is that a ton of the items in every box are useful and can be put into action around your house, office, and kitchen.

Before now, we couldn’t lift the lid on what was in the Wonder Woman box, but it’s now been out in the world long enough that we can spill the beans. There are so many goodies here that you can keep some for yourself and give others to friends who will love you to Themyscira and back:


The design is rad and unlike anything we’ve seen at the comic book store. But what we love most about this t-shirt is that it’s unisex, and goes up to size 3XL. We’ve heard from Mary Sue readers frustrated at the lack of unisex Wonder Woman clothing, but here comes this powerful statement shirt to save the day.


We have this sitting prominently on our work desk, where it is put to much daily use. At first glance, this just looks like cool Wonder Woman art, but it has a secret identity as a letter opener. Just grab the sword from its sheath behind the shield and slice away.


Fit for the royalty of Themyscira, this is really the only way you’re going to want to drink coffee ever again. The golden coils of Diana’s famed lasso wrap around and around to form the cup, creating a striking way to show off your favorite superhero.


This had us laughing a lot at the cleverness of the concept. Slip ice cubes shaped like Diana’s invisible jet into a glass for a stealthy way to make any drink (or party) cooler.


We decided this can serve two purposes: sure, you can use them when exercising or anytime you need to keep your brow sweat-free, but this set also makes for low-key, comfortable cosplay for any occasion—you’ve got an instant Wonder Woman headband and set of gauntlets.


There’s not a person on Earth or elsewhere who wouldn’t be excited to get one of these in the mail. The collection of postcards features fantastic retro Wonder Woman comics covers and comes in a collectible tin. Send them to your favorite friends, or keep them to display on a wall. They’re so well-printed these are actually frameable.


We love showing our fan affiliations with pretty enamel pins, which have become hugely popular. (Our bags and jackets are covered.) There’s nowhere else that you can get this comics-themed Wonder Woman set except the CultureFly box, and considering that most pins sell for about $10 each, this is a steal. It’ll ensure that fellow fans can spot you on sight, though they might get mad when you tell them the pins aren’t available in stores.


Speaking of exclusives … this finely-made figure of Diana in a dynamic, ready-for-action pose is a real collector’s item. Unlike most toys and figures, there’s a limited amount of these made. She looks perfect on a desk or bookshelf, or keep her safely boxed up for the future. We particularly love that Diana’s in a practical battle stance in a well-crafted costume. She looks strong and ready for anything, just as we’d expect our Amazon princess to stand.

That’s eight items in one box that you can’t get anywhere else, and that’s just for starters. When you subscribe to the DC World’s Finest CultureFly box, you’ll receive another mystery box every quarter with $120+ worth of merchandise in it for less than $50 a box. The math here is your friend.

Mary Sue readers can use our exclusive code MARYSUE15 to get 15% off of your first box. We can’t tell you about the box that’s coming next, only that we are extremely excited. The first DC World’s Finest Batman box totally sold out, so make sure you grab your Wonder Woman box before it’s too late.

While supplies last.  Discount applies to first box only. Offer valid through 1/31/18.

Check out the DC World’s Finest collection at CultureFly!

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