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Cronus USB Adapter Lets You Mix And Match Controllers and Consoles


Want to play some PS3 but you just need to have offset sticks? Want to play some XBLA games but you just can’t deal with the Xbox 360’s controller’s garbage D-pad? The new Cronus adapter might provide a solution; it will let you mix and match controllers and consoles as you see fit.

Currently being shown off at E3, the Cronus adaptor is a small USB stick with a male port on one end and a female port on the other. The adapter is plugged into the console, with the controller’s USB plugged into it from behind. From this position, Cronus emulates the system’s native controller based on input from the one plugged into it.

It may seem a little frivolous, but it could certainly be helpful for gamers who want to be able to play local multiplayer on several different consoles. This way you can have one PS3 controller and one Xbox 360 controller instead of two of each. The emulation solution also means that Cronus should be able to allow users to remap buttons, giving extra customization for games that have limited control schemes, or just one.

So far, the Cronus is focused on PS3 and Xbox 360 switcheroos, but they’ve got eyes on the Wiimote as well and there’s no reason to think that keyboards and mice can’t get roped in as well (although you might be limited to just one or the other). The Cronus several months from market, and the makers haven’t settled on a price, but they estimate somewhere in the $50-$60 area. A bit much to pay for a little extra flexibility, but if it can save you from purchasing an extra pair of controllers, it could pay for itself pretty fast.

(via Engadget, image via Modded Controllers)

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