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Crocs Appears To Quietly Pull Out of DragCon UK After Right-Wing Backlash

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The right-wing shoe of choice has, seemingly, picked their side.

One of the most loving environments I have ever been in is the crowd at DragCon. When the RuPaul’s Drag Race-inspired convention came to New York, I had such a wonderful time because people accepted everyone into their world with open arms. To see the backlash against the drag community growing within right-wing media and other extremist circles is upsetting and dangerous.

They have been viciously targeting the drag community to the point that it is not safe for performers in some parts of the country. Even after the Club Q shooting, they have still doubled down on their harmful rhetoric by slinging words like “grooming” around. So when Crocs was meant to sponsor DragCon UK, the American Right-Wing fans decided to make it their problem.

Instead of standing proud in their support of the LGBTQ+ community, Crocs appears to have quietly stopped supporting DragCon after receiving harassment from the right. The issue (beyond general hateful bigotry) seems to be that the convention has a section that is a fashion show for kids where, with their guardians’ approval, they can walk for the DragCon audience. For many, it is a chance to express themselves. A common recent theme on RuPaul’s Drag Race has been younger queens expressing joy for what the show did for them as children and for their own self-expression.

This fashion show is simply a way for kids to express themselves in a safe space. Bigots on the Right couldn’t handle that and were so loud in their anger that the cowards at Crocs seemingly pulled their support.

The right consistently refuses to comprehend the fact that drag is not inherently sexual. They’ve falsely branded it as some form of “sexual fetishism” and are pushing that narrative onto children. The RIGHT is doing that. Not the drag community and not the art form itself. Politician Maud Maron (who “stands” with J.K. Rowling so she’s on the side of TERFs) tweeted that kids should be able to walk the runway “as they are” I guess missing the point where some children find joy and freedom in using drag as an expression of self.

All of this is sadly now par for the course with the right. But Crocs silently pulling their support? That’s a coward move.

Own up to your decisions, Crocs.

Instead of standing with their choice to support DragCon, Crocs is just apparently not sponsoring it anymore. But the company hasn’t said anything. So what does this mean? Did they pull their financial support because their shoe-wearing base of Republicans was mad? Or are they just silent donors now? Frankly, either option is cowardly.


They vanished and no statement or anything, but google shows a lot of upset homophobes and transphobes losing their goddamn minds. So like, thats trash. @crocs should be ashamed. #homophobiaisntcool #crocs #dragraceuk #dragconuk

♬ original sound – Pinkachu ?⚡️

You’re a company. You have the resources and reach to try and make this a safe space for those children who do want to express themselves at DragCon. Instead, you’re just going to silently hope this goes away? Whatever is actually happening with Crocs and the American right-wing media, the entire situation is horrible.

Drag is an expression of self. It’s a character (often) that can express feelings and perform on stage in ways that you may not be able to as yourself. It is a way to be more open and have fun for many young people and the fact that the right has made this a political issue is gross.

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