Texas, but in rainbow pride colors.

Twitter Just Discovered an Amazing Way To Shut Down This Texas Anti-LGBTQ Drag Show Tracker

These queens are staying on their thrones, bigots

Twitter is a dumpster-fire hellscape—even more than ever, these days—but there are still some good things happening on the app. Hate groups have been emboldened by the platform’s nonexistent curbing of hate-speech, and drag shows or drag story-times have been specifically targeted by these hate groups. Thankfully, pro-LGBTQ groups and individuals have also been working to undermine these intolerant efforts.

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The latest trend: flooding anti-LGBTQ reporting sites with memes.

Similar to the rush of fake abortion reporting in Texas, Twitter users are now flooding a site whose “mission is to expose attacks on our children’s innocence by uncovering and highlighting the left’s public displays of sexual degeneracy.” Protestors are posting the entire Bee Movie script, lyrics from Cats, and a host of other memes to flood the site and hopefully make it inoperable (or at least waste these jerks’ time).

Others are also attending these drag shows via Zoom and encouraging others to buy tickets to these events as a way to donate to the performers and events. It’s also worth noting that despite the protestors at these events, supporters frequently outnumber the bigots.

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work. And these queens aren’t perturbed.

Despite protestors and a literal power outage turning off the lights on a Moore County drag show, the audience lit up the stage with their cellphones. “We don’t scare that easy, and we’re not going anywhere,” said Sandhills Pride Executive Director Lauren Mathers.

For more information on finding / supporting local drag shows and story hours: https://www.dragstoryhour.org/home

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