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Happy Birthday, @girlvsplanet! We Got You Free Creative Commons License Birthday Songs

We asked if it was anyone's birthday yesterday. It was, so we got them a present.


It seems like most of our Twitter followers were afraid to admit it was their birthday yesterday, but they’re missing out. We found out it was @girlvsplanet’s birthday, and we got them a gift!

OK, sure, that gift is a bunch of birthday songs that are free under the Creative Commons Attribution license, but when did someone ever get you over 100 quality birthday songs for your birthday? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

We covered the story of the WFMU and Free Music Archive birthday song contest that birthed these songs months ago, but just received physical copies of the CD yesterday. We were so excited to get the CD that we felt the need to celebrate. What better way to celebrate a bunch of awesome free birthday songs than with readers’ birthdays?

So, happy birthday, @girlvsplanet. Like The Danimals, we’re super psyched for your birthday.

(via Free Music Archive)

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