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This Is the One Time It Was Okay to Shoot a Video Vertically

Sideways is the best ways.

99.9999% of the time, shooting video vertically with your phone makes you look like a silly person who doesn’t know how to shoot video with your phone. Turn that business sideways, kids! This video, however, makes perfect use of the vertical frame by showing two performers rehearsing on a circus teeterboard. Also, it is crazy. Enjoy.

The performers are David Rimmer and his partner Steph. Using the teeterboard, they launch each other in the air, do crazy flips, and generally amaze us with some Flying Graysons-esque acrobatics. We’ll warn you not to try this home because that’s the responsible thing to do, but we’re warning you not to try it at home while we ourselves are measuring the ceiling height of Geekosystem HQ and searching the office for a sturdy board.

(David Rimmer via Viral Viral Videos)

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