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Hinamitetu’s Gymnastics Robot Is Getting Smarter, Will One Day Destroy Us All

The Terminator films did not prepare us for this.

Listen, we all marveled and cooed atĀ Hinamitetu’s series of Youtube videos at first. Oh, man, look at the cool robot that can do quadruple backflips! Look at how much it’s learned in all these years! And that’s the problem — the robot is getting learning. There’s only a matter of time before its cold red gaze turns towards ruination.

As evidenced by the most recent video, this ingenious little bot is not only able to successfully perform a kovacsĀ and a triple backflip, but it also has a photo sensor eye that can detect light and judge its own distance from the floor while it’s flipping. Humanity is totally doomed, right? Yeah? We’re totally doomed.

(Youtube via Business Insider)

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